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Sun Bear Fundraising

Today we sold fudge and cookies at lunch time. We raised $44.60. We sold out and still had about 20-30 people wanting some fudge or cookies. It was very busy! We had a lot of fun. We were the first team that sold all their food at Lunch time.

by Aislinn, Melanie, Maddie, Drew and Braydon



Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Maddie, Melanie and Olivia for completing their Premier’s Reading Challenge.


Hurry! You only have 3 days to hand in your forms.

Spelling Term 3 Week 7

Red Pandas

Snow Leopards


Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to Lachlan and Thomas W for completing their Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Thomas WLachlan

Only 4 days to go, to get your forms in.


Made in the Image of God Homework

Don’t forget to bring your Made in the Image of God homework tomorrow (Check your email for a copy of the instructions).

Design and Technology

If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to bring in your items from home that you will need for your marble game this week.

Nativity Newsletter Week 6 Term 3 2010

NNewsNativity Newsletter Week 6 Term 3 2010

Father’s Day Stall Notice

Popcorn and cupcakes for the Sun Bears.


Today we sold popcorn and cupcakes at lunch time to raise money for the Sun Bears. Our sales were interrupted by the wet and cold weather, so we had to go classroom to classroom to sell our stuff. We are very pleased to announce that we have raised $28.60.

Thank you to everyone who purchased something.

By Madison, Eva, Aden, Tommy and Sam.


Sun Bears Fundraising

On Monday we brought in chocolate Sun Bear cookies to sell and raise money for the Sun Bears. We sold all of our cookies and raised a total of $16.

Thank you to all the people who purchased a cookie.

By Codey and Mari


Premier’s Reading Challenge

Congratulations to the following people who have completed their Premier’s Reading Challenge….











All Premier’s Reading Challenge forms are due Friday 3rd September.

Spelling Term 3 Week 6

Red Pandas

Snow Leopards


RBL: Kip

We learnt about  a  book called ‘Kip’. Kip is a rooster that all day long will go, ‘coca doodle do’.  They put him on a farm and the neighbourhood said it was too quiet, so they went to see him and he went, ‘coca doodle do’.

We had to draw pictures of him and paint them.

RBL: Kip Artwork on PhotoPeach

By Sam and Tommy

Sam Tommy


In Japanese we have been learning about Japanese families. We learnt how to say family names in Japanese.


Mother: okasan.

Father: otasan.

little brother:     ototo

Big sister: oneesan


By Olivia and Melanie


Which Browser?

To see our blog as we intended it to look, I recommend the following internet browsers in order of preference.

1. Google Chrome


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4. Safari


Unfortunately Microsoft’s Internet Explorer doesn’t display our blog correctly. Many of the widgets installed in the right hand column near the bottom stretch across the whole screen. I personally use Google’s ‘Chrome’, and am very happy with it. You can import all your settings and bookmarks from Internet explorer if you decide to change.

Zoo Snooze Camp: Save the Sun Bears

In term two we went on a Zoo Snooze Camp.  We looked at the different animals at the zoo. We even got the ability to see the animals at night. We even got to go in the Sun Bear’s enclosure. Our focus was on the sun bears. We found out that the sun bears were endangered, because people got bear bile out of the sun bears, which is used for medicine. They are kept as pets and when they get big people give them to the restaurants and they chop off the paws and turn them into bear paw soup. People also keep Sun Bears on Sun Bear farms in small cages.

We are doing a planet keeper challenge to help the sun bears.

We are selling yummy foods to raise money for the sun bears. We are raising awareness by blogging about the Sun Bears, speaking at our school assemblies and talking to other classes.

Below is a slide show of our experiences while on the Zoo Snooze Camp.
Zoo Snooze Camp on PhotoPeach

If you are interested in some further information or ways you can help the Sun Bears follow the links below….


Freethe bears fund

By Madison and Joel


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