Spelling Poem

Lazy dairy lazy diary what do you see I see a big factory

factory factory what do you see I see a big company

company company what do you see I see a big trophy

trophy trophy what do you see nothing I have no eyes

by Jordan



  1. 7 years later and luckily my poems have improved. Wow I was such a cool kid commenting on my own poems. I can’t say much as I’m posting a comment 7 years later. Year 10 is so much harder than this poem.

    Stay in school kids.

  2. It was very easy. A bit hard, but easy.

    from the girl who wrote the poem

  3. Dear Jordan

    That is a great poem.

    From Braydon.

  4. Mr. Baldock

    August 5, 2010 at 11:44 PM

    Thank you Jordan for being the first person to post a Spelling Poem. Well Done 🙂

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