Clipsal 500 Adelaide

On Friday I went to the Clipsal 500 Adelaide. The Clipsal 500 Adelaide is where

v8 supercars drive around a huge track. The v8 supercars go down the straight fast

and round the bends slow. Before the race started I saw a koala. It threw a stick  down from a tree to the ground.

Then the race started. Ford had a great start then Holden took over and it was a battle between Ford and Holden to the finish line.

On Saturday Jamie Whincup won. On Sunday Will Davison won the final race of the Clipsal 500.

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Miami in America

Elliott’s report about his family trip to Miami:

On the way to America from Melborne we went by a A380. It took 13 hours flying from Melbourne. It took for ever and ever to get there. At Maimi there was lots of stuff to do for example mono rails (metro movers) trains (metrorails) South Beach, Everglades, Parades and much more. Threre’s heaps of stuff in Florida like Disney World and NASA. We are having heaps of fun.

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