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August is Family Blogging Month

August is Family Blogging Month

We love to share what’s happening in our classroom and to receive feedback on our work via the comments people leave. In an effort to include more family members in our online community, August has been declared ‘Family Blogging Month’.

What is ‘Family Blogging Month’?

The students in our class will be encouraging their family and friends to write comments on the work we have produced.

Whenever a students’ family member leaves us a comment, the student will record it on our ‘Family Blogging Month’ comment chart using the following codes.

At the end of August, the student who has the most comments from different family members will win a prize! So the goal is to get as many different family members involved as possible.

Reading people’s comments is one of the best things about blogging. In your comments feel free to ask questions and reply to other people’s questions.

We love to read good quality comments. If you want to find out what a good quality comment is then the student’s from Mrs Yollis’ class in the US have put together a video to inform you of what a quality comment is. If you are unsure of how to make a comment on our blog then please click on our comments tab at the top of our blog.

Good luck and we look forward to reading the comments as they come in.

I Can Help by Niamh

The girl who wanted to sing by Rosie

The Ninja vs the Bad Bunny part 1 season 1 by Ryder

Gone Fishing By Matthew Pe

The Lost Cow Called Dove by Charlotte V

A Diary of a Bunny by Maya

My Angels by Natalija

This story is about a boy who is 12 and has the power to fly. By Oscar

The Monsters Family Day Out by Bethany

I want a friend by Hannah Sm

Design and Technology: Tower Making

On the last day of Term 2 we were all given the challenge of making the tallest tower we could with a limited amount of sticky tape and cardboard. It did help that we gave it a trial run first in groups and then discussed as a class strong shapes to use and a few tips on how to connect things together. Congratulations to Jasmine who created our tallest free standing tower.

Science: Shadow Experiment

In Science we had to explore whether or not a shadow will grow or get smaller depending on the position of the light. Below is a slide show of our experiment. We will share our results with you soon.


Jump Rope for Heart

We had a lot of fun presenting our routines at the Jump Rope for Heart Assembly. We hope you enjoy the slide show below of all the action.

Rosie’s Spelling Rap

Rosie’s Spelling Rap from Mr Baldock on Vimeo.

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