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Trangia Cooking – Year 4/5 Woodhouse Camp

Year 4_5 Woodhouse Camp 2017 – Trangia Cooking from Mr B on Vimeo.

Star War Game by Emma

Click on the link below to play the game.

How you play this game is to touch the Rebel pilot so you can earn 100 points and don’t touch the Stormtrooper. If you do you will lose 50 points.

The screen will come up with you win!

The charter you will be is R2-D2. Enjoy the game.

Coollife Game

Hi my name is Hamish and this my Star Wars game. You have to get all the characters to win, but if you hit an obstacle you lose 50 points and make more monsters which you do not want. Enjoy the game.

Click on the link below to play.

Grandparents Day Performance 2017: Year 3/4s – “Through the Decades”

Rascal book review

Rascal by Ellen Miles.

Rascal has been very bad since the Petersen’s family have been fostering that puppy.

He has been kicked out of puppy kindergarten.  Lizzie was starting to do horse riding lessons with her friend Maria.

Lizzie told her horse riding teacher that her dog was a big rascal. She said to bring him to a horse riding lesson.

Lizzie took him to the next riding lesson and the teacher Kathey said that she would adopt him.


My favourite part was when Rascal was running around with a horse.




Sports Day 2017

Below are some videos of the fun we had at our recent Sports Day. A big thank you to all the parents and friends that helped out on the day.

High Jump from Mr Baldock on Vimeo.

Metropolitan Fire Service Visit

We had a visit from the Metropolitan Fire Service on Thursday to talk about Fire Safety and the importance of having a home fire escape plan. The students will be starting a project soon on this topic



Project Compassion Chalk Sign

We had a lot of fun creating a massive Project Compassion chalk sign for our Carnival Day. It was hot work, but we had a good time.

Carnival Day for Project Compassion

On Wednesday we held our annual Carnival Day for Project Compassion. The students came up with their own stall ideas and organised and ran the stalls. In cooperation with Year 3/4 CK and Year 5 B we raised $150 on the day. Below are some photos of the day.


3D Printer

During our Library lesson today we got see the new 3D printer in action. We look forward to using it during the year.

Shrove Tuesday

Today was Shrove Tuesday. Students were asked to bring in a gold coin donation for a pancake prepared by our wonderful parents from the Nativity CRIB.

You can see for yourselves below that the pancakes were a huge success and it was nice to know that the money was going towards raising money for Project Compassion.

Library Lover’s Day

On Tuesday it was Library Lover’s Day. Our class made some red love hearts, where we wrote on them things that we love about our library or our favourite book title or author.

Today in our library lesson we were lucky to have Mrs Molloy our Campus Librarian read the story of the paperbag princess, which is one of her favourite stories. Good on you Mrs Molloy for really getting into the spirit of bringing a story to life.



See you all tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Please don’t forget to bring your laptops fully charged tomorrow and for those with new laptops please bring along your chargers. It is going to be warm tomorrow, about 32 degrees. Please bring along your drink bottles and a healthy snack. When you arrive there will be a message for you to read on the big screen. See you tomorrow morning.

Your Classroom for 2017

Here is a sneak peek at your classroom. You may be able to spot where your tray is. As you can see Mrs Ivanov and I have been busy getting things ready for next week. We look forward to seeing you all next week and to learn about what you have been up to over the holidays.

Latitude excursion

dsc03721 dsc03723

What a great excursion we had at Latitude today. Thank you to Sam Larwood, Sue Leaf-Milham and David Talbot who assisted.

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