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Trivia Olivia Hoops and Hiccup Review by Alyssa

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Trivia Olivia Hoops and Hiccups

Written by Lisa Thompson

Illustrated by Nahum Ziersch

The thing that was interesting about the book was that the girl could not hula hoop and she tried to get the boys hiccups away. The boy had hiccups and Olivia was trying to help him get them away She tried water and scaring him but it did not work. The boy told her how to hula hoop so she could do it for how ever long she wanted. My favourite part of the story was when the boys hiccups went away and the girl learnt how to hula hoop. That was my favourite moment, because they were both happy. I rate it a 8 out of 10.

How to set up a Parent account on Edmodo

Please find below a how to video to assist you with signing up for an Edmodo parent account and linking to your child’s account.

How to set up a Parent Edmodo account from Mr Baldock on Vimeo.

Year 3/4BI Class Mission Statement

Together as a class we came up with a Class Mission Statement.  The Class Mission Statement stays on our prayer table and reminds us of how we want our classroom to be.


Carnevale Day

Last Thursday as part of our unit of work on celebrations and commemorations we celebrated Carnevale Day. Both Year 3/4 classes got together to make pasta, play bocce and design a mask. A big thank you to our parent helpers on the day. As you can see below, we had a great time.

100,000 Visitors

Our blog hit a milestone today reaching 100,000 visitors. To all my past students and teachers that have contributed to this blog, I thank you and you can be all very proud of helping us to achieve the 100,000 visitors.


Meet Ronaldo our Class Pet


Yes, our class has a pet. He is a Hermit Crab and our class voted to call him Ronaldo. A very suitable name for a Hermit Crab, don’t you think? You can see him pictured above munching on some carrots. He will be visiting our families on weekends soon.

Cricket Carnival

Last Friday our class participated in a cricket carnival, put on by Cricket Australia. It was lots of fun. The teams were made up of children from all three classes Year 3-5 from Nativity. We competed against each other and against teams from Pilgrim and Thiele. A big thank you to Mr Searle for organising this event.

DSC07396  DSC07414

Shrove Tuesday

Last Tuesday it was Shrove Tuesday. The money raised from purchasing the pancakes went to Project Compassion. A big thank you to our Parent Community for making such yummy pancakes.







Your Classroom for 2016



Here is a sneak peek at your classroom. You may be able to spot where your tray is. As you can see Mrs Ivanov and I have been busy unpacking your books and getting things ready for next week. We look forward to seeing you all next week and to learn about what you have been up to over the holidays.

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