This week we have been learning about adverbs.

What is an Adverb?

An adverb  is a word that describes a verb.


Adverbs=blue verbs=green

The plane flew yesterday.

Please wait quiety by the door.

 She spoke softly so no-one heard her. 

Ellie: For example – The class is working very quietly.

Olivia: Lucky for Mr. Baldock!!!!



  1. Dear Ellie & Olivia
    I like the way you put the adverbs in blue & the verbs in green, so you know which one is which.
    Great Job guys!

  2. Dear Olivia and Ellie,
    You did a great job. Braydon I can tell you like sending messages. I can read your mind! Not really
    from Jordan

  3. Dear Annie and Keanu,

    I really like the video about the changes in the
    library and i looked at it on the 4th of august oh,
    and the video has some good pictures of the library.

    From Braydon

  4. Dear Mr. Baldock

    Thanks for replying, and also
    thanks for saying a blog is never ‘done’ though,
    because you are right.

    From Braydon

  5. Dear Mr.Baldock,
    Thank you for making the blog
    with us and it will look great when it is done.

    From Braydon

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