Arrays: Factor Families

Scootle activity:

Click on this link and have a go at solving the factor family problems. I have emailed you all the pin number that you will need to enter to access this activity.

Arrays: Factor Families Description

Make equal rows and columns to explore how numbers can be broken up into factors. For example, the number 24 can be expressed as 12×2 or 2×12, and therefore, it can be divided equally using its factors 12 and 2. Identify a missing factor to complete a factor family. Solve four expressions: two multiplication and two division statements. This learning object is one in a series of five objects.


  1. Dear Mr. Baldock

    Thanks for putting a spelling game on our blog it is great.

    From Braydon.

  2. To:”Mr Baldocks class”

    Love the new blog! I look forward to reading
    all about whats going on in your class, well done

    Regards Saskia 🙂

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