The Titanic Exhibition

I went to see the Titanic Exhibition in Melbourne. I liked it when I got to feel the fake Ice berg and it was very cold.  When I was lining up the people gave me this fake boarding pass ticket and they gave it to Mum and Dad and my Sister.  It said on each Boarding pass ticket  a name. On my boarding pass ticket was a man called Thomas.  In the 1st stage of the exhibition there was a spoon that was made of gold from the Titanic. The people found the gold spoon under the water 4 km down under the sea, which is amazing.  At the 5th stage of the exhibition there was the fake ice berg and plates that were found under the sea.  There was also a video of how the Titanic sunk .  In the last stage you found out if the person on your boarding pass survived. The person on my boarding pass ticket died.

By Braydon

Melbourne Museum Titanic Exhibition Link:



  1. Dear everyone,

    Thanks for commenting on my work
    and if you comment on my work i will comment on yours.

    from Braydon

  2. Dear Braydon,

    I would like to go there next year Braydon. I saw it 4 weeks ago, it looks very good on the blog. It is fantastic there. It is interesting.

    from Lachlan

  3. Dear Braydon,

    You have done a fantastic post on the Titanic Exhibition! 🙂


  4. Dear Braydon
    I really like how you talked about the Titanic.

    from Drew

    • To Drew

      Thank you for saying that,
      and you should go to the
      Titanic exhibition
      next year.

      Hope you can go to the Titanic exhibition

      From Braydon.

  5. Dear Braydon
    I would like to go there someday. It looks very interesting.

  6. Dear Mrs Schenkel

    We were not allowed to take a photo in the Titanic Exhibition.

    From Braydon.

  7. Seriously envious, Braydon! I’d love to see the exhibition. Did you have your photo taken?

  8. Mr. Baldock

    August 4, 2010 at 8:28 PM

    Thanks for blogging about your Titanic Exhibition experience. Well Done 🙂

  9. Wow! You’re really smart to understand this kind of stuff.

  10. Wow it`s huge! I wish I could go there.
    From Jordan

    • Dear Jordan

      Yes it is fantastic there. You should go to the Titanic Exhibition next
      year, but there is a movie about the Titanic as well.

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