Date: August 12, 2010

Mikki’s spelling poem

The giant cupcake

that was all pink

sat on the plank

to have a drink

By Mikki


Joel’s Spelling Poem

Digging in quarries, I wish I would find mysteries

But some of the mysteries would be luxuries

The luxuries might be old melodies

Or lost lotteries

By Joel


Olivia’s spelling poem.

There was a company

in a country

that grew strawberries,

they were plump and delicious

and very nutritious,

grown by a family

for more than a century,

now thay have a really big factory.

By Olivia


Melanie’s Spelling Poem

I came tenth

she came twelfth.

In the running race.

Next I came first.

Therefore mum said

go forth to the disco.

By Melanie


Mari’s Spelling Poem

I had the ability

to help the charity

win the lottery

I had to do something

to get them out of their misery

By Mari


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