Mary MacKillop Performance

On Friday we went to a performance. The performance was about Mary MacKillop. Mary MacKillop [Celia] was funny and also there was a man called Scott who was also funny. I think the performance was wonderful. After the performance there were questions and one of the questions was, ‘ what was your favourite character?’. The person who played Mary said, “young Mary” and Scott said, “I liked Kenny”.

By Mari



  1. great job Mari. Oh Braydon who`s Bray
    from Jor

  2. Thank you Braydon for commenting
    on my work

  3. Dear Braydon
    No I did not do the good picture

  4. Mari,

    I realised that, did you do the good picture?

    From Bray

  5. To Mari

    That is fantastic work,
    I just read it.

    From Braydon

  6. Dear Mari you did a great job. Mari, Scott said, ‘Kelly’ not ‘Kenny’.
    From Jordan

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