RBL: Fox and Fine Feathers Artwork

In RBL we drew different pictures that were in Fox and Fine Feathers. We had a choice to do a bird , ferns and the fox. Once we had finished our drawings we then had to colour it in and then we applied a glitter wash.  Here is a slide show of our wonderful work.

RBL: Fox and Fine Feathers on PhotoPeach

By Koni



  1. Hi everyone I watched the slide show of fox and fine feathers and thought everybody had done a fantastic drawing, well done.

    from Drew’s mum

  2. fantastic artwork children very well presented.

  3. Hi everyone in Mr Baldocks class. Krystian told me to come on this blog and take a look at the work all you students have done. I really loved all of the pictures you all drew of the fox and fine feathers art work. They were VERY impressive and i loved the bright colours. You have all done so well. Keep up the good work.

    from Krystian’s Aunty Brooke 🙂

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