Date: September 24, 2010

Student Blogging Challenge: Why Students and Classes should visit our blog.

Our class is taking part in the ‘Student Blogging Challenge’. Part of the challenge required us to reflect on why students and classes should visit our blog. Well I turned this over to the students. The students had to come up with some answers to the following questions and email their responses to me. This is a selection of some of the things the students came up with……..

Why is our blog interesting?

Our blog is interesting, because we have a theme and it shows work that we have done. We can make comments on any work.


Our blog is interesting, because there are fun links on it .


It’s interesting, because you can see slide shows of what we have done in class.


What do we post about?

We post about everything. We have posted about playing hacky sack, our artwork,  Japanese lessons, tennis lessons, Grandparents and special friend’s day, raising money for the Pakistan floods and about the Sun Bears.


We post about what we have been doing in our class and what we’ve been learning. We also post about what we have been doing out of the classroom.


We post about our work, sport and holidays.


What can people learn from reading our blog?

They can learn how to learn their nine times tables.


People can learn what is happening to the Sun Bears.


Our parents can find out what we are doing at school.


Moon Lantern Festival

On Wednesday I went to the Moon Lantern Festival in Adelaide. I went with Lachlan Lai his Grandma , Grandpa and my Mum. We saw a lot of different lanterns. When it was getting dark, Lachlan wanted a lantern so he bought  a green one. He wanted a white one, but in China white is unlucky. At night we put on the lantern lights and ran around with Lachlans lantern, because my lantern didnt have batteries.  At night it was getting cold, so Lachlan wanted to go home, so did I. Our car was a long way away, so I had to wait for Lachlan’s Mum who worked at ANZ, but she was launching a lantern for ANZ.  I walked with them for like 10 minutes and then we reached their car and they drove us to our car. Then I got hungry, so I asked my Mum if we could go to the restaurant and we did .  My Dad cooked some soup for me and my Mum gave me some batteries for my lantern, so I could play with my lantern. Then we all went in to the bar and ate some moon cake and then we all went home.

By Koni


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