On Wednesday I went to the Moon Lantern Festival in Adelaide. I went with Lachlan Lai his Grandma , Grandpa and my Mum. We saw a lot of different lanterns. When it was getting dark, Lachlan wanted a lantern so he bought  a green one. He wanted a white one, but in China white is unlucky. At night we put on the lantern lights and ran around with Lachlans lantern, because my lantern didnt have batteries.  At night it was getting cold, so Lachlan wanted to go home, so did I. Our car was a long way away, so I had to wait for Lachlan’s Mum who worked at ANZ, but she was launching a lantern for ANZ.  I walked with them for like 10 minutes and then we reached their car and they drove us to our car. Then I got hungry, so I asked my Mum if we could go to the restaurant and we did .  My Dad cooked some soup for me and my Mum gave me some batteries for my lantern, so I could play with my lantern. Then we all went in to the bar and ate some moon cake and then we all went home.

By Koni