My must see place in South Australia is Port Hughes

In Port Hughes you can see the beach. You can also see the 2nd busiest  place in the past in South Australia. You can learn about the mines on a train. You can also go to the lolly shop. Port Hughes is at the top of Yorke Peninsula. It is 3 hours and 18 min drive from our school. I enjoyed the train ride and the caravan park.

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By Olivia



  1. Hello from Michigan. I really think Granite Island looks like a fun place to visit. I really like this idea and I think my 5th graders are going to give it a try next week. My class is doing the student blogging challenge too. It is a lot of fun.


    • Dear Mr. Alvaro,

      Thank you for making a comment on our blog.
      Granite Island is a great place to visit.
      We look forward to seeing your 5th graders reports of must see places in Michigan.

      From Olivia.

  2. Dear Olivia

    I really like your post it is fantastic.

    From Braydon

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