My ‘must see’ place in South Australia is the Onkaparinga River National Park

The Onkaparinga River National Park is a must see place, because you  can see birds, kangaroos and if you are lucky you can see a blue tongue lizard.  You can go bird watching, see the river and go on a long walk. It is a 2o minute drive from our school. I enjoyed all of the wildlife that is there.

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by Aislinn



  1. sounds like it is a good place to see some animals.

  2. Hi Aislinn, I enjoyed reading your post about Onkaparinga NP. Our school is located right next to Sherbrooke Forest in Victoria which is also a national park. Wildlife you can see in our NP include Lyrebirds, possums, kangaroos and wallabys, wombats and lots of colourful native birds. Sadly the cockatoos in our area have become a pest because all the tourists feed them!
    I will try to get one of my students to write a post about our NP.

  3. We think that your blog is interesting. We like the pictures of South Australia. It must be beautiful there. Are there many pandas in the Adelaide zoo. How many students are in your class?

    • Hi Mrs Greenland at the zoo we have 2 pandas called Wang Wang and Funi. We have 26 students in our class. How many students do you have in your class? thanks Aislinn

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