Mong Kok

Today we went to Mong Kok and there were a lot of fish shops.  My Uncle, Tak’s fish died so we bought some to replace them.  We bought small fish. My favourite is the one that’s like a snake it was very long and it was red.  We saw a lot of turtles and they were so cute.  We came across a pet shop so we went in.  We saw little grey hamsters and they were all in their little houses.  We went upstairs and there were rabbits and also a kind of squirrel called the dragon cat.  It wasn’t scary it was just like a squirrel but fatter.  I liked them all but we couldn’t bring live stuff back to Adelaide, so we kept looking for the fish.  After looking we bought a fish with a rainbow tail.  We were tired so we sat down at a restaurant and ate. I ate fish porrage  and shared with my mum.  After eating we saw a black and silverish fish that was our last fish that we bought.  Then we went to look for other things to buy.  We met up with my Auntie , Janis and then my Uncle went home because he has a serious sickness.  We walked for hours I was so exhausted that when we got to the bus I fell asleep next to my mum.  When we got home I put my stuff away and sat on the couch and my mum saw that one of the fishes were all ready dead it was one of the small rainbow fish it was sad.  I sat down and looked at the other fish.  TO BE CONTINUED…………

By Koni



  1. Wow is that a big shop?

    from Lachlan

  2. Mr Baldock’s right we all did love your blog posts. Im also sorry to hear that one of your fish passed away. Our new classroom looks FANTASTIC!!!!!, I wish you could come and see it.

  3. Dear Koni

    I am sorry about your Uncle and rainbow fish.

    by Drew

  4. To Koni
    Are you having fun in Mong Kok?

    from Melanie

  5. That is really sad that your fish died and that you are sick on your holiday.

  6. To Koni,
    i am very sorry that your fish died.
    Good luck in Hong Kong!

    From Madison.

  7. Dear Koni,

    I feel sad for your Dead Fish.

    From Olivia.

  8. I would like to see what you do next.

    from Caroline

  9. I like your Hong Kong post from Codey

  10. Hi Koni I used to have a fish named Rocky.
    Sounds like you had a really busy day looking at so many intesting fish sorry your fish died 🙁

  11. Hello Mr.Baldock. My name is Kyle and I’m from Mrs. Braidwood’s class from British Columbia, Canada. I used to have a fish that eats the filth off the glass. His name was Gary. Sorry that your fish died. Sounds like you looked at some very interesting animals.

  12. Mr. Baldock

    November 23, 2010 at 10:50 PM

    Thank you Koni for your second post. I got Mari to read your Hong Kong post to the class today. They loved hearing about your trip over. We still don’t have our computers up and running in our new building yet. I’ll be putting some photos up soon of our new building. I’m sorry to hear about the death of one of your fish. We look forward to your next post.

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