Homework Notice sent home 7/2/2011


  1. Dear Mr Baldock
    I like our classroom blog and I like the avatars

  2. Mr Baldock,
    What a fantastic way of keeping up with what’s happening in the classroom. I’m sure the students will enjoy this blog as they will be learning whilst having fun. I can see from the previous comments that they also think this is a great idea.

    Well done
    Dean (Mikayla’s dad)

  3. Mr Baldck,

    OUR blog is looking great!


  4. Mr Baldock
    I think this blog is really cool, I also think my typing is getting better!!

    Elise 🙂

  5. Mr Baldock

    thanks for replying to my comment and I also hope we can do our science leson as well.

    from John

  6. Hi Mr Baldock

    I can see that lots of people have already commented! I have done some activities on my diary! It is full of fun. are we doing science tomorrow?

    from John

  7. isabellab2011mrb

    February 9, 2011 at 5:41 PM

    Hi Mr. Baldock,

    our blog is really cool. I just played ‘cover,look, write and check’ and I completed it. It was fun!

    From Isabella

  8. Mr Baldock
    This a good blog for the class.
    I really mean it.

  9. Hi Mr Baldock,

    I just finished my homework and i’m looking forward to all the fun things we will be doing. Also could we
    do some mini games tomorrow?

  10. Mr Baldock,
    Okay. I will see you tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing how OUR blog has changed from today.


  11. Mr Baldock

    you have a really cool blog.


    • Hi Elise,

      Thanks for your first comment. Your comment should be ‘we’ have a really cool blog. Don’t forget it is your blog as well. Look forward to your next comment.

      Mr. Baldock 🙂

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