Science: Water

In Science we looked at water. We had to describe what water looks like, smells like, feels like, sounds like and tastes like.

This is what I came up with…..


Water looks clear and wet.

Water feels wet and cold.

Water smells like nothing.

Water sounds like the sea.

Water tastes cold.

Isabellab water


Isabella B


  1. To Isabella B ,

    great job on answering the questions on water. Good job

    From Luke

  2. great job on your water work [:

  3. Hi Mr Baldock your class blog is great fun and I hope my class gets a blog soon too. See you in spelling tomorrow from Sophie

  4. Mr. Baldock,

    Our Blog is great I am looking forward to seeing all our posters on the blog.


  5. Hi Mr Baldock our blog is going great so far!

    from katie and isabella h

  6. Mr Baldock,

    I am looking forward to seeing our blog tomorrow!!!!


  7. Mr Baldock,

    our blog is looking great!


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