What we are doing in PE

Pe Chicken

In P.E. we have been using hula-hoops. We have been doing chicken tag. There are 4 people with rubber chickens. They try to get people with the chickens. We also play rob the nest. Rob the nest is where you get bags out of the bucket. When it is empty you turn the bucket over. Then you steal from the other team’s nests.

By Eloise



  1. eloise2011mrb

    June 12, 2011 at 8:34 AM

    To luke,

    My favourite game is chiken tag


  2. Hello Eloise,
    I like PE games too.

    from Jack B

  3. Hi Eloise, I love your first blog post, especially the photo. What is your favourite game?


  4. Congratulation Eloise on your first blog post. Great photo. May there be many more! 🙂

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