Date: May 21, 2011



For those of you wanting to keep up with news in a kid friendly way, I have added a link on the student page to BTN (Behind the News).

Class Mass and Assembly

Our class Mass is this Thursday at 9:15am. We will also be hosting Assembly in the following week (Week 5 Friday 4th June).

Fun ‘n’ Games Club

In school I created a fun ‘n’ games club for the class. The first event has just begun and it is called the world race. It is a series of games like, the big bridge, monkeys on bars, world fun and many other fun games. On Wednesday it was the first qualifying round (week one term two) and on Thursday it is the final qualifying round. Lots of people are really proud of their scores. In term one I created our first club magazine with all the information of all the clubs in our class. The magazine was a great success and I still have to make at least five more issues for the club. I also have a made books for the club members to order. This is also a cool thing to do, because you can spend time with all your friends!

Please join the club at the middle oval playground! Training is at recess and games are at lunch. 😀

By John


The Gizmo Book series by Paul Jennings

We have been reading the ‘Gizmo’ series of books written by Paul Jennings.

The Gizmo stories are very funny, because in one of the ‘Gizmo’ books there is a boy that shrinks with every beep of the gizmo, and in another story a boy that turns into water when the gizmo beeps.

By Jack

Our class loved these books and you will too.

You can find out more about Paul Jennings and his other books by going to

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