Date: June 12, 2011

Fun ‘n’ games club event 2

During the winter season I have organized a make your own book event for club members. So far three club members have joind in the event. There will be the best readers from the class to give all the books a rating out of twenty. If you would like to join my club, just tell me. To be in the event you have to be in second rank or over. To get to second rank you have to come to all the classes in two weeks.On Fridays at lunch the club will be doing yu-gi-oh activitys, reading and drawing. the winner of all the world race events are………….Bernie and Josh O’. Thank you to all the people who participated. The hosting club is the code club by Patricia with new and old games for all of the people. The term two mission club edition magazine will show all the info of how the club has been going, plus it will show the new logo of our club!

A big thank you to all the people who have

helped with the club activities.

by John


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