Date: June 28, 2011

Swings Procedure

Aim: Swing on a swing.
Things you need: swings AND  people.


step 1: Sit on the swing.

Step 2: Hold the chains and run backwards until the swing gets started.

Step 3: Bend your legs back and straighten your legs forward.

Step 4: Keep doing it until you want to stop.

step 5: To stop you need to stop swinging your legs back and forth and scrape your feet on the ground until you are still.

By Piper and Isabella H.

PiperIsabella H

Monkey Bars Procedure

Aim: To swing on the Monkey Bars

Things you need:

  • Monkey Bars
  • People


1.Go to the Monkey Bars.

2.Go on to the step of the Monkey Bars.

3.Jump on to the first Bar on the Monkey Bars.

4.Swing to get to the next Bar on the Monkey Bars.

By Alicia and Joshua


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