Book Review: Animals scare me stiff

Title  Animals scare me stiff

Author Babette Cole

Illustrator Babette Cole

Main characters Tom

A brief description of the story  Tom is scared of the animals he thinks spiders will crawl up his nose

score 8/10

It is funny, because he tears off his pants. This is, because ants crawl up his pants.

By Jamie


  1. Awesome book review Jamie! Sounds like a great read!
    From Caitlin (cousin)

  2. Hey Jamie! Nice book review, sounds like a pretty funny book 🙂
    From Alyse (cousin)

  3. Hi Jamie, That was a great book review!
    From Mum

  4. Great review jamie. From Ben (brother)

  5. Hi Jamie

    I like your review of the book you did

    from Joshua.C 🙂

  6. Ngutunui Juniors

    August 26, 2011 at 7:36 AM

    Hello Jamie,

    We haven’t read that book before, but we have other Babette Cole books in our school library. We have “The Smelly Book” and “The Slimy Book” and some other ones too. We are a class of Year 1, 2 and 3 students from New Zealand. Our blog is

    Maybe your teacher will let you have a look at our blog. Have a great day today.

    From Ngutunui Juniors and Miss T.

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