Book Review: Smelly Bill

 Book Review

Title: Smelly Bill

Author: Daniel Postgate

Illustrator: Daniel Postgate

Main characters: Smelly Bill and Great Aunt Bleach.

A brief description of the story:

The story is about a smelly dog that never has a bath and is very smelly and his name is SMELLY BILL. One day the family went to the beach and left poor Bill with. . . . . . GREAT AUNT BLEACH who just loved to clean this means that Bill will not be abll to get away.

What did you like about the story?:

I like that Bill was smelly and never had a bath untill GREAT AUNT BLEACH came and he got a bath and she got all the dirt and smelly stuff on her.

I’d give this book a 10/10, because the pictures have lots of detail in them and they’re really colourful.

By Mikayla


  1. great job Mikayla,

    you did a fantastic book review. it sounded like a great story.

    From Kevin

  2. dear mikayla very interreasting book isent it i have read it too.

  3. Well done Mikayla,
    sounds like a great story.
    Great job.
    Sophie 23vk

  4. Well done Mikayla

    You did a great job with your book review.

    from, John’s Dad

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