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Book Review: Animals scare me stiff

Title  Animals scare me stiff

Author Babette Cole

Illustrator Babette Cole

Main characters Tom

A brief description of the story  Tom is scared of the animals he thinks spiders will crawl up his nose

score 8/10

It is funny, because he tears off his pants. This is, because ants crawl up his pants.

By Jamie

Book Review: David goes to school


Title: David goes to school.

Author: David Shannon.

Illustrator: David Shannon.

Main charachters: David.

Breif description of the story:This story is about a little boy called David. He gets into so much trouble. He stays in after school and makes the desks look like sparkle.

What did you like about the story?: I liked the book quite alot. I loved the illustrations and the Author made the book really really funny.

I would give this a 9/10. I liked how he used silly words and did it all by himself. Impressive!!!!!

By Luke

Book Review: Wait No Paint!

Title: Wait! No paint!.
Author: Bruce Whatley
Main Characters: The pigs and the wolf.

A brief description of the story: It is about three little pigs. That were going to build a house out of thing like straw, bricks and sticks.
What did you like about the book?:

I like this book, because it has bright colours and good pictures. I like how there is fancy writing. I give it 8/10.

By Ashlee

Book Review: Willy the Wizard

Tittle: Willy the Wizard.

Author: Anthony Browne.

Illustrator: Anthony Browne.

Main characters: Willy the Wizard

A brief description of the story: Willy loved playing soccer, but he couldn’t afford any soccer shoes. One evning Willy saw someone play soccer. He had soccer gear. He gave Willy some soccer shoes.

What did you like about the book: what I liked about the book was Willy got a goal.

I give it a 10/10, because Willy the wizard was good at soccer with his soccer shoes.

By Kevin




Book Review: Little Yellow Dog Gets A Shock


Title: Little Yellow Dog Gets a shock

Author: Francesca Simon

Illustrator: James Lucas

Main Characters: Little Yellow Dog & Ginger Cat

A brief description of the story:

Little Yellow Dog & Ginger Cat fight over a chair, because they say it is their favourite chair.

What did you like about the book?:

My favourite bit of the book is the end, because they become friends after a big fight.

I give this book a 9/10, because I love the illustrations that are in the book and I love the way they are set out.

By Alicia

Reminder: Early Dismissal Tomorrow

Just a reminder that students will be dismissed early tomorrow (Tues 23rd August) at 2pm.

Nativity Newsletter Week 4 Term 3

Nativity Newsletter Week 4 Term 3 2011

Our class features in this edition.

Book Week

This week the Campus will be celebrating Book Week. Our class will be attending several events during the week.


10:05 Book Week Parade in the PAC. Our class and all the classes from the St. Joseph building will be wearing costumes that represent our family origins.


1:30 Reading at the Aberfoyle Park Preschool. Our class will be reading picture books to the children at the preschool.


11:30 Dan McGuiness. Our class will attending a session with Dan McGuiness who is the author and illustrator of the Pilot and Huxley series.

Cathy Freeman Glog

Isabella B’s Storybird

Quacky and Jackie on their BIG adventure. by isabellab2011mrb on Storybird

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