Date: September 4, 2011

Father’s Day 2011

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads. We presented the following pictures at assembly on Friday and shared a sentence from our Father’s Day reflections. You will have to ask your child what they shared at assembly.

Family Blogging Month

Well August has come to an end and so to has our Family Blogging Month. I would like to say a big thank you to all the students for encouraging their family and friends to comment on our blog. We had 170 comments from family and friends during Family Blogging Month. Thank you also goes to the family and friends of our students that made the effort to comment. The students and I enjoyed reading your comments and loved getting feedback on our work. During August we also broke our one day visitor record. In one day we had 167 visitors.

Congratulations goes to Luke and his family and friends for winning the Family Blogging Month Challenge. Luke has won the opportunity to set up his own blog. We look forward to seeing his blog in the future.

Below is a small sample of the great comments we received.

Vinnies do a great job helping people less fortunate than us don’t they girls?
This was a great summary of their visit to your school. I hope you continue to support them.

From Martin (Dad)


Great to see your story published to the web…I’m very proud of you Em.


Great job Piper & Isabella.

Clear instructions and great pictures.

I can’t wait to get out on the swings now! :)


Hi Ronan. Very well done on creating your own blog. It is very imaginative and has great pictures to go with it. I love the names of your characters especially the name of the Giant. Keep up the good work.


To Elise,

I think your Glog is fantastic. You put a lot of effort into your Glog . From looking at your Glog about Albert Namatjira I now know lots about him. Well done!

From John’s Dad


Hi Luke,
What a great story. You have put in a great deal of effort into this story. I will be very intersetsed to read any future stories.
Keep up the great work. Love Nanna (Luke’ s Grandmother)

We would love to see the involvement from family and friends continue. Happy commenting. 🙂


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