Title: Just Another Ordinary Day

Author: Rod Clement

Illustrator: Rod Clement

Main Characters: Amanda

A Brief Desciption Of The Story: Amanda wakes up in the morning. Amanda says it is a ordinary morning, but it’s really not, she does so many weird things.

What Did You Like About The Book: I like it ,because It’s called Just Another Ordinary Day, but it really isn’t just another ordinary day. It’s really a weird day.

I thought the book is very funny, weird and good. I think the colours are great and the writer has a great imagination. I thought it was weird,because her school is a castle. Her science teacher is a bug, but a huge one. Instead of packed lunches they get cakes and hamburgers. Their library studies teacher looks like a boy and it’s a girl and in library studies they made a ship and an ocean out of books. I also think it’s weird, because she says her cat is a cat, but it’s a lion, so I gave it a 10/10 overall.

By Bernie