Student Blogging Challenge 2011: Storybird

Storybird is my favourite Web 2.0 tool, because it is easy to use and fun to use and on it you can write your own story. This is something i have produced on storybird.

Waiting until Christmas by eloise2011mrb on Storybird

Student Blogging Challenge 3


By Eloise


  1. Hello Eloise,

    you did a great job on your story bird.

    From Ashika

  2. Eloise,
    My class and I are very excited about christmas and your story captured that excitment very well. Good work!

    We have been talking a bit about the different traditions each family has around christmas time in our class. Some students said they have a special breakfast together on Christmas morning, and others said their famly lights christmas candles together.

    Does your family have something special you do around Christmas time?

    Miss deVries and the Grade 5 Delvers

  3. Great job Eloise

  4. Dear Eloise,
    I really like your story bird. My favourite bit was the start when the zombie went ha ha ha ha.” I really liked the christmas tree,because it is really cute.
    From Alicia

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