Blogging Avatars for 2012

Avatars are a way to have a graphical presence on the internet without using your photo. We have constructed our avatars that we will be using on our blog for this year. Check out below what we came up with.

Do our Avatars remind you of anyone famous? Leave a comment with your look a like suggestions.


  1. Konnichi wa 3/4s!

    I love your avatars!
    Just wondering if could use them for the Japanese Class Dojo? If they are in a file I could copy them across. (I watched the Youtube video on how to do it).
    You are very lucky to have such a tech-savvy teacher.
    Most of you are already streets ahead of me!
    Learning together
    Sensei Measday

  2. wiliam looks like sheldon from the big bang theory

  3. I like your spiky hair, Sean!

  4. I forgot giant smiley 🙂

  5. I really like our new avatars they’re so unique.

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