Health and our bones!

In health we are learning about the bones in our body. We did an activity about our bones. We had to go into groups of 4.

We got a large piece of butcher’s paper.

Then someone from each group had to lie on the piece of butcher’s paper.

The other three people from the group would trace around the person that was lying on the butcher’s paper.

After we had traced around the person that was lying on the butcher’s paper we had to outline it with black texta.

Once we had outlined the body on the piece of paper we had to draw all the bones from the skeletal system in different coloured textas.

After that we had to label the bones in the body.

We thought that the bones activity was so much fun. It taught us lots of different facts about the skeletal system. Did you know that the finger bones are called phalanges?

By Rhianna & Chelsea


  1. This was a very fun health project!!!!!!!!! 🙂 😀 😉

  2. Wow,
    great post Rhianna and Chelsea it really explained what we did very well.

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