The Broken Coco Mug

We learnt this morning that Ronan from our class was on radio regarding an incident with a coco mug. It was aired on ABC radio 891. The background to this incident is a few years ago Ronan’s brother Shea won a coco mug for sharing an Irish joke on the radio station. Well a few weeks a go during Shea’s birthday the infamous coco mug was accidentally broken. To say the least, both brothers were very upset over the incident. Ronan decided to write a letter to the radio station asking if they could kindly give his brother a new coco mug.

The Breakfast show hosted by Matthew Abraham and David Bevan have taken up the coco mug cause in a big way. It has become a bit of a feature story for the week. Have a listen to a small extract from the Breakfast show this morning.

Below is a Youtube clip of David Bevan meeting Ronan’s Mum at their home to investigate the incident.

Apparently Ronan’s interview will be aired tomorrow, Shea’s interview on Wednesday and Ronan’s Mum on Thursday.

After reading and listening to this whole saga we want to know what you think. Should Ronan’s brother be given a new coco mug? Vote below.

The broken coco mug even has it’s own twitter hash tag #brokencoco.
Make sure you are listening to ABC 891 and return to our blog to see how this all plays out.


  1. Come on shea you can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Don’t worry it will be ok.

    • Thank you very much Jack for supporting my brother in this but did you say on the vote yes or no on the vote on whether my bother should get a coco mug?

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