Life Ed Van

On Tuesday the 26th the Year 4s from Mr Baldock’s and Mrs Molloy’s class went to the Life Ed Van. Andrea the lady in charge showed us a video about fruit and vegetables. Andrea also showed us a video of respect and how we should treat people.

Then we went into groups and did two puzzles. The first puzzle was about medicine and we had to split the medicines into groups. The not medicines in one group and the medicines in the other group.

Then we had to get a puppet from the wall and go back into our groups and make a two minute play about respect. Then we showed our plays to the class. Then we had to say goodbye to our puppets and put them on the wall.

Then Andrea woke up Harold the giraffe. Then Harold chose two people one person to hand out stickers and the other person to be the line leader. We were all in one line and we could give Harold an ear five or a giant hug. Most people chose to give Harold a hug and when they did Harold would tickle their ear. Below are some photos of our experiences.

By Chelsea and Izzy


  1. I think we did a excellent job

    Chelsea Pike

  2. Well Isabella we did a good job didn’t we?

    from Chelsea

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