Your Classroom for 2013

Well it’s not long now before we start the new school year for 2013. I have been busy unpacking boxes and getting the classroom ready after shifting classrooms at the end of last year. I have included a photosynth (a 360° panoramic view) of our classroom below for you to get a sneak preview before you start.


Over the coming days I will also be posting some things you can expect to happen in 2013 (the first one is included below). I would encourage you to leave a comment or let me know what you are looking forward to.

 # We usually change table spots each week. 



  1. Hi Mr Baldock can’t wait to see all of my class mates tomorrow. My classroom looks awesome and I am looking forward to sitting with all my class mates. Some of my mates are Max, Cooper and Matthew Pe. Can you please help me to try and get to lexile books. I like you as a teacher because we get our own laptop’s, also you are a cool teacher because you do lot’s of computing. See you tomorrow from Oscar

  2. Hi Mr Baldock, I like the blog and the classroom it looks awesome. I am looking forward to sitting with different class mates each week. See you Tuesday. Matthew P

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