Our Gymnastics Competition


On Sunday the 11th of August Hannah and I had a gymnastics competition. We competed against four other groups of girls, it was really tough. Some girls were even doing flips and rolls in the air! Hannah was competing first, because she is in a older group than me. Hannah  started off the same way as I did. When Hannah came out I came in. My group started off on vault and did handstand flat backs, After vault we went to bars and did our bar routine, After bar we went to beam and did our beam routine then went to floor. Hannah thought floor was the best, because Hannah remembered her routine. I thought bars was the best, because I remembered my routine. At the end we both got 4th place over all and we had a great time.

By Jasmine and Hannah Se



  1. Congratulation girls!

  2. Michelle Miller

    August 22, 2013 at 4:57 PM

    A fantastic effort Jasmine and Hannah! You both did very well in a large competition and came out with so many ribbons! However, the absolute joy and smiles of delight on both of your faces were far more precious, and spoke volumes for how much your enjoyed yourselves. You set goals and achieved them and we are so proud of you both. Thanks for sharing this wonderful learning experience on your blog 🙂

  3. Hannah and Jasmine both worked hard and performed to their very best abilities in the competitions. The coaches were really pleased with their efforts. It was Hannah’s first competition, so she was excited but a little bit nervous too! Well done Hannah and Jasmine!! 🙂

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