Date: September 26, 2013

Woodhouse Camp: Icecream and toppings

On Monday night after tea we had dessert. For dessert we had icecream and cake. On our icecream and cake we had chocolate drops and toppings. The choices of the toppings were strawberry, caramel and chocolate. The choices for the ice cream were vanilla or vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

When we had finished our dessert some people wanted to have more dessert. The dessert was fantastic. We had a cake for Niamh and Charlotte P’s Birthday. Everyone thought it was a fantastic dessert. I really liked the dessert even the cake. The flavour we chose was vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

By Charlotte and Brooke

IMAG1496 - Copy.jpg

Woodhouse Camp: Mini Quiz Night By Maya

At camp we had a quiz night. We had to get a team together and make up a name for the team. In my team was Rosie, Verity, Bethany, Jasmine, Madi and I. We named the team Burping Bananas. Another team was called The Money Makers another team was called Mathew Is Scared and another group was Groovy Girls. Round 1 was songs from movies some of the movies were, Despicable Me, The Lorax, Harry Potter and Toy Story. The winner of round 1 was the Groovy Girls.

Round 2 was songs from T.V shows. Some of the answers were Almost Naked Animals, H20 Just add water, Prank Patrol and Stoked. The winner of that round was a tie between Burping Bananas and Mathew is scared.

By Maya


Woodhouse Camp: Rope Bridges by Oscar and Lachlan

On camp we did rope bridge. We split into 2 groups. One of the groups was with Mr. Baldock and the other with Miss Verrusio. First we had to try and make a line across the imaginary boat. Then we had to make a ‘spider web’ with ropes.

We used 11 ropes to make the spider web. We used a blue rope at the top. Then in the middle we used a brown rope. I liked this activity, because we had help from Al, the instructor. Then we had to sit on the spider web. It was a success, because we could balance all of our weight onto the spider web.

by Lachlan and Oscar





Woodhouse Camp: Brilliant Birthdays

On Tuesday it wasn’t only camp it was also a very exciting day for Niamh and Charlotte P……..  IT WAS THEIR BIRTHDAYS!!!  Having a birthday at camp was  pretty special, because they not only got attention from family and friends, they also got attention from lots of our camp instructors.  Some of the special things the Birthday girls both got were tasty birthday cakes (there were two cakes, because there were two birthday girls) and yummy ice cream sundaes. There was a big birthday song for the birthday girls.

I had never been to such an exciting birthday ( it was more like a massive party really).  Even though it was not my birthday I still enjoyed all the excitement, but as for Charlotte and Niamh they thought it was the best 9th birthday anyone could ever have.  I also agreed that it was a brilliant birthday.

By Hannah Sm and Niamh




Woodhouse Camp: Challenge Hill

When we went to Challenge Hill we split up into two teams. One team had Mr .Baldock and the other had Miss Verrusio. The two main obstacles were the Mouse Trap and the Big Dipper Slide. Inside the Mouse Trap, it wasn’t that dark.

The Big Dipper Slide wasn’t really that fast. It was straight and a curve at the end. A few other activities were the ‘Chimney’ and the Commando. We thought that Challenge Hill was great!

by Hudson and Ryan 🙂





Woodhouse Camp: Brilliant Breakfast

Okay lets foucus on breakfast. For breakfast we had a choice of cereal or pancakes. Natalija had pancakes with cream, strawberries and chocolate drops. Jazz had pancakes with strawberries and chocolate drops. Our pancakes were yummy. Natalija also had cereal, but Jazz didn’t want to have any cereal.

Lots of people took a long time to finish their breakfast, some people even had 3 serves. Then after everyone had finished we all had to wash our own plates or bowls, and cutlery. We had a great breakfast.

By Natalija and Jazz


Woodhouse Camp: Worm Farms

On camp we did worm farming. Verity found a huge worm about 15 cm long. I found no worms and I got shocked, because there was a yellow box with a thousand worms in it. I got to have 4 worms in each layer, so I got 8 worms all together. We had so much fun making friends with the worms. :p

The worms were SO GROSS at first but when Verity and I put the worms in the bottles they weren’t so gross anymore. We put soil first, then hay, then more soil, then a tiny bit of hay up to the top and finally tomato, lettuce and strawberries. Verity put an apple core in her worm farm.

We had a good day. 😀 😛

By Verity and Madi

DSC05937 DSC05938



Woodhouse Camp: Free Time

Well a lot of things happend in free time, Brooke got duck poo on her by a flock of ducks that flew by, Elissa went to hospital and both of us fell down a pile of grass just to name a few. On the first day, free time took place near the bunk house and on the second day it took place around the volleyball court. Free time was really fun, because we got to choose from a range of different sports equipment, like soccer balls and Frisbees. Sometimes we would have free time if we had finished eating early, but we didn’t have much time to. During free time we both used cricket stumps as walking sticks and rowing paddles, it was so funny. Now comes Elissa, she went to hospital, because she had something in one eye,  she couldn’t  watch T.V. or read for two days. Now the funny part was Brooke. She got pooed on by a duck flying by. Now us two, we were just walking along when we didn’t realise that a pile of grass was in front of us, and we fell over it. Rosie’s opinon: I think if I had to rate free time I would give it 7 1/2 rubber chickens with a side order of chicks! Bethany’s opinon: I think free time was absolutely fantastic, and I would give it 8 rubber chickens with no side order.

By Rosie and Bethany





Year 3 Woodhouse Camp

The Year 3s had a fantastic time on their first school camp to Woodhouse on Monday and Tuesday this week. The weather was brilliant and the students got to experience a wide variety of activities. The students had the opportunity to do some problem solving games, rope bridge making, pond study in the onsite wetlands, a night walk, mini quiz night, billy cart racing, worm farm making and explore Challenge Hill. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed all the new experiences.

A big thank you to our parent helpers Bec Smailes and Margot Way. We really appreciated their enthusiasm and assistance throughout our camp. A special thank you to Miss Verrusio for joining us on camp and assisting Mr Baldock. We would also like to thank our instructors from Wilderness Escape, Moira and Al and their work experience person Cherry for all their preparation and running really engaging activities. Above you will find several blog posts created by the students on certain aspects of our camp experience. We hope you enjoy our reports and a slide show below of all the photos from our camp.

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