At camp we had a quiz night. We had to get a team together and make up a name for the team. In my team was Rosie, Verity, Bethany, Jasmine, Madi and I. We named the team Burping Bananas. Another team was called The Money Makers another team was called Mathew Is Scared and another group was Groovy Girls. Round 1 was songs from movies some of the movies were, DespicableĀ Me, The Lorax, Harry Potter and Toy Story. The winner of round 1 was the Groovy Girls.

Round 2 was songs from T.V shows. Some of the answers were Almost Naked Animals, H20 Just add water, Prank Patrol and Stoked. The winner of that round was a tie between Burping Bananas and Mathew is scared.

By Maya