Shrove Tuesday

Today was Shrove Tuesday. Students were asked to bring in a gold coin donation for a pancake prepared by our wonderful parents from the Nativity CRIB.

The day before Lent starts is Shrove Tuesday. This day was traditionally the last chance to use up the foods Christians would not be eating during Lent.

You can see for yourselves below that the pancakes were a huge success and it was nice to know that the money was going towards raising money for Project Compassion.







  1. I enjoyed Shrove Tuesday. It was very nice just like the pancakes(yum). Why is it traditional to Christians? Why do they celebrates Shrove Tuesday and why is there Lent? My mum also helped to prepare Shove Tuesday.

  2. It has been really good in the class room

  3. That was a yummy day and I wish that we could have shove Tuesday every Wednesday.

  4. Looks like a fun and yummy day!

    But remember the history behind it !

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