Student Blogging Challenge: South Australian Quiz

Our class have signed up for the Student Blogging Challenge this year. The Student Blogging Challenge is a series of weekly activities run over ten weeks. The goal of the challenge is to improve student blogging and commenting skills and connect with a global audience.

We are in the second week of the challenge and the activity we have chosen to do this week was to create a quiz about the state we live in South Australia. We hope you learn a little more about our state and be even tempted to come and visit.


  1. OMG the Hairy Nosed Wombat is our representative animal and that yummy looking frog cake is a heritage item Crikey I have really learnt something today – thanks you super star bloggers !

  2. Brilliant work all of you – it certainly made me very happy to call South Australia my home

  3. I loved the South Australia Quiz. I thought the advertising at the end was great – it made me want to see more of South Australia!

  4. WOW! That is all I can say… WOW!

    I have never seen this web tool used before; I will be adding it to my new list of tools I am making over Easter.

  5. Hi Mr Baldock,
    I can’t wait to do more activities in the student blogging challenge. It was fun doing the South Australian Quiz, and I bet we will have just as much fun trying them.
    From Hannah

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