Sports Day: Post 1

Our class had a great day at Sports Day. This will be one of many posts to come on our Sports Day. This first post is a quick one to let you know the overall results and give you a look at the different teams from our class.

Congratulations to Yorke for scoring the most points on the day and taking out the Sports Day Championship Shield.


Congratulations to Murray for winning this year’s Spirit Shield. 


Our Eyre team pictured below.


Our Flinders team pictured below.



  1. Congratulations to Yorke for winning sports day and Murray for winning the team spirit cup. There were also a lot of people doing sprints after lunch. Our class also did a lot of activity on sports day with the races. Congrats if you got a ribbon.
    I think we all had a great time.:).

  2. alana2014nativity

    March 24, 2014 at 2:58 PM

    Congratlations to the Yorke team for winning the whole of sports day and to the Murray team for the spirit award. I do agree with Yorke winning of course, they had good team and good sportsmanship, but Murray really had the MOST sportsmanship, because they won the spirit award. I WONDER how hard the 400 and 800 was? The 200 and the 100 I won yes,yes!

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