No.1: Go to the Marion indoor swimming center and go on all the water slides, using the blow up toys and going on both water fun runs with my cousins.

No.2: See the Lego movie with a friend at the Marion movies and go to subway for lunch before the movie.


No.3: Go to the skate park, learn new tricks on the jumps and go in the bowl and get stuck with your friends or cousins.

No.4: Getting a loom kit and making all different types of bracelets. some of the loom bracelets I made were a fishtail, a triple fishtail and a star bust.  


No 5: Enjoy being with my family, cousins and dog, taking Lenny my dog for  a walk and swim in the creek and spotting lots of Koalas – seeing a mummy one with her joey was cool.

by Rosie.