This is my star wars game. Here are the instructions.

(1) You start with a rebel pilot and you have to go to him. Move the arrow keys to get to the rebel pilot.

(2) Once you get the rebel pilot a storm trooper appears and a Tauntaun. Then go to the Tauntaun, but don’t touch the storm trooper because you then lose 1000 points.

(3) When you get the Tauntaun a Probot appears. Then go to the Probot.

(4) When you get the Probot a Mouse Droid appears. Then go to the Mouse Droid.

(5) When you get the Mouse Droid a Mynock appears. Then go to the Mynock.

(6) When you get the Mynock you win the game and you tap the reset button to play again.

I hope you like my star wars game. If you want to play click the link below.