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The sky awakens

Title: The sky awakens

Instructions: When you get any of  the characters you get 100 points and you get three diffrent backgrounds and the charaters get faster and faster. Use your arrow keys to play the game and if you hit an object you lose 100 points.

How to win: You win by getting 2000 points good luck.

By Alana

4 Times Tables By Alana

Bubbles Bad Day by Alana

Review: The Gizmo By Paul Jenning

This story was about a boy called Floggit who said to another boy called Stephen to steel the Gizmo. When Stephen stole the gizmo things started to go crazy. When  he was walking along the footpath he came upon a tramp, a man and a wedding. Then some strange clothing exchanges occured.

My favourite moment of the story was at the end when the gizmo started to beep when he was next to a girl in a bikini . He didn’t look the best in them, they made him look really funny.

Out of 10 I would rate this book a 9 out of ten, because it was good, but I think it could of been a bit funnier.


By Alana

Mother’s Day Animation

Dear Mum

I love you to the end of the world and back:)

click on the animation below to watch


100m sprints for Sports Day


After lunch on sports day it was time for the sprints. First was the 200m then it was the 100m. There was two people from Murray and we came first and second so that gave Murray a bit more points. That does not matter, because it was fun anyway. Some people said it was hard to see the parents on the side they were going so fast, but overall it was fun to run in the 100m.

by Alana

Year 3 ZooSnooze Camp – Part 8: The Sun Bear

DSC01101 DSC01105 DSC01116 DSC01122 DSC01130 DSC01136 DSC01139While we were on camp we got to go out of bounds to feed a Sun Bear. When we all got there Claire and Steve had got all of the food ready for the Sun Bear to eat. Sun Bears eat mashed potatoes, mashed apple, peanuts and the worst part of it all is the worms. No one and I mean no one touched those worms!!

Then  we got to hide the food for the Sun Bear. It was fun. After that we watched the Sun Bear eat its food. The first thing he went up to was a piece of orange and then watermelon.

By Alana

My top 5 things to do on the holidays !!!

1.  Visit the Marion Swimming Centre and jump of the first diving board without screaming.   Hmmmm I managed to jump off but I screamed all the way down!!!!  I had the best afternoon with Emily – thanks Kate.


2.  Learn to do Rainbow Looms.  From disaster to creation in one day !!!!  I learnt how to do a star burst (which was confusing), Criss Cross chain (which Kristy did for me), Fishtail (which was AWESOME!), and then I did a triple chain (which was amazingly hard).


3.  Go for a walk in Kuitpo Forest with my family and cousins.  What started out to be a short walk ended up being 8kms, with a morning tea stop, and then lunch under a huge tree, followed by the World Tea Bag Throwing Contest, and mine came down like a flying parachute !!!



4.  On Good Friday you can only eat fish so my cousin, Mia, and I did a My Kitchen Rules lunch for 15 people.  We pretended to be Chloe and Kelly.  For entree was a Trio of Nations, main was Fish Bites, Rice, Veggies and Sweet & Sour Sauce, dessert was Cheese Cake Shells and Meringues with fruit, it was yummy, and heaps of fun.



5.  Is spend time doing nothing and chilling with my cat – Crackles 🙂



Thank you for reading my blog post !!!!! Until next time sooooooo looonnnnnnnggggggggggg 🙂   20140427_164402

My Dream Bedroom


Well my dream bedroom is like a mini mansion, but it’s way too small for a mansion, because it’s only a one story. Oh yeah I forgot my name is Alana and I am going to share my house today. My house is a one story and my walls are white with little bits of black. In my house there is a T.V. It’s a plasma T.V and a touch screen. It’s so cool that I nearly watch T.V all day. My favourite show that I would watch all day would be life with boys. Oh yeah, no boys are allowed in my bedroom and no one else but me and my friends which are Emily, Mia,Niamh,Jasmine,Elissa and that’s all that is allowed to come in. Now let’s get back to my bedroom. It has a double bed in it and it has a two drink bottles. The lights are on either side and it’s got to have a door right, so it has a door and a welcome mat as well. It has to say welcome right, so yeah. Oh yeah it also has a really cool and I mean really cool part of the house and it is the…………………T.Vs of course. I have one in my room and one outside of my room as well. I find that really cool, because if you don’t then you don’t have a taste in design and tech, but to be honest I think most people would find it really dumb. It’s not like really cool but it’s just to make it really interesting ok, so you don’t need to think that it’s really awesome ok. Back to my room! My room is special to me, because it’s my dream bedroom and a dream bedroom is like something that you dream of having. I dream I have this room. It has two T.Vs, two drink bottles and also two lights and they are not just any lights they are really cool lights. Do you want to know how? It’s a lava lamp and its real lava. It’s a totally awesome bedroom, so bye bye.

By Alana

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