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Trivia Olivia Hoops and Hiccup Review by Alyssa

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Trivia Olivia Hoops and Hiccups

Written by Lisa Thompson

Illustrated by Nahum Ziersch

The thing that was interesting about the book was that the girl could not hula hoop and she tried to get the boys hiccups away. The boy had hiccups and Olivia was trying to help him get them away She tried water and scaring him but it did not work. The boy told her how to hula hoop so she could do it for how ever long she wanted. My favourite part of the story was when the boys hiccups went away and the girl learnt how to hula hoop. That was my favourite moment, because they were both happy. I rate it a 8 out of 10.

Get the puffer pigs

Tittle:  Get the Puffer Pigs

Instructions use the arrows to go left, right, up and down to chase the Puffer Pigs.


This is how you win you have to get 2800 points and get 5 fast puffer- pigs.

By Alyssa


8 x Tables by Alyssa

The girl who loved books by Alyssa

Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Mum Happy Mother’s day. I hope you like my animation I love you so, so, so, so, so, so much. 

love Alyssa 



800m for Sports Day


On Tuesday the 25th of March we did the 800 m. In our class Alana came first and Alex and Zanle got 4th which is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! After everyone had sore legs. We did not care if we came first or second, we all thought it was challenging but fun overall. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!

By Alyssa and Emily

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