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Rascal book review

Rascal by Ellen Miles.

Rascal has been very bad since the Petersen’s family have been fostering that puppy.

He has been kicked out of puppy kindergarten.  Lizzie was starting to do horse riding lessons with her friend Maria.

Lizzie told her horse riding teacher that her dog was a big rascal. She said to bring him to a horse riding lesson.

Lizzie took him to the next riding lesson and the teacher Kathey said that she would adopt him.


My favourite part was when Rascal was running around with a horse.




The Zoosnooze Camp – Tigers

When we went to see the tigers there was a guy called Matt the Tiger Keeper that taught us about Assiqua the Tiger. Matt hid pieces of chicken and kangaroo tail all around Assiqua’s cage. When Assiqua came out she saw two umbrellas and thought they were a tranquiliser guns that was going to shoot her so she went away. Matt got Assiqua to come out so we could see her up close.

DSC09682 DSC09685


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