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Year 3 ZooSnooze Camp – Part 7: Breakfast and Dishes



DSC01075What we had for breakfast was toast with jam or vegemite and cereal. When everyone had just fished there breakfast my friend William and I had to do the dis. It only took us about 2 minutes.

By Jem

The best 5 things in the holidays

1. Our first thing in the holidays was we went to  Halls Gap for 4 nights and we climbed a mountain called the Pinnacle it was really hard because there were barely any stairs.

2. Also at halls gap we did mini golf. There were 18 holes. 1 to the 9 hole were easy. At the end  we added up all the scores and I won. My Grandpa played a really hard hole in one game that you had to pay for and if you get the ball in you win money

3. After we got back from Halls Gap Aiden and I went training with the Crows. My first 2 players were Taylor Walker and Eddie Betts I did  goal kicking with them and with some other players I did hand passing and marking. Then on the way home we got McDonalds.


4. On the Easter weekend I went to Clayton and went tubing with my cousins and some of my friends. We got out the rooster and the kneeboard and I went on both of them it was a fun day.

5. After we got back from Clayton we stayed home 3  nights then went to Victor Harbor for 2 nights and we went to Boomer beach. It is an awesome beach for big waves.


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