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Student Blogging Challenge: Storybird

Storybird is my favourite web 2.0 tool, because you can make your own story up and read it. Our teacher has put a blog post on his blog that explains all about it to other teachers. Here is the link

Here is my Storybird.
The red eyed black dragon by kevin2011mrb on Storybird

Student Blogging Challenge 3


By Kevin

Book Review: Willy the Wizard

Tittle: Willy the Wizard.

Author: Anthony Browne.

Illustrator: Anthony Browne.

Main characters: Willy the Wizard

A brief description of the story: Willy loved playing soccer, but he couldn’t afford any soccer shoes. One evning Willy saw someone play soccer. He had soccer gear. He gave Willy some soccer shoes.

What did you like about the book: what I liked about the book was Willy got a goal.

I give it a 10/10, because Willy the wizard was good at soccer with his soccer shoes.

By Kevin




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