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Holiday to Queensland!


photo (1)On Wednesday, I photo (2)got up at 4 am to get a taxi to the airport. When we got to the airport we checked in and put our luggage on the plane. We waited about 30 minutes and then got on the plane. I was sitting next to Dad and Milly  was sitting next to Mum. It took about 2 hours and 30 minutes to fly to Brisbane. When we had all our luggage we got a hire car and drove for about 2 hours and finally  we arrived at the Sunshine Coast.

In a few days I had already been on the water park, kayaks, catamarans, in the pools, swimming in the lagoon and also on the water trampoline. Wile I was there I met 3 really good friends Nick, Matt and Conner. We all had heaps of fun together going on all the activities. Conner was the first to leave, which left Nick and Matt.

The last day came quickly and I have to say I think it was the best. We went on the water park together and my Dad even came on too! It was the coolest when we crawled to the end of this big air pillow and from a high platform Dad jumped on the other end and I went like 5 meters in the air and then made a huge splash in the water. I also went on a Segway tour for an hour. We then did mini golf a few times. I would say this is the best holiday ever!

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Top 5 things to do in the holidays!


No.1: Go to the Marion indoor swimming center and go on all the water slides, using the blow up toys and going on both water fun runs with my cousins.

No.2: See the Lego movie with a friend at the Marion movies and go to subway for lunch before the movie.


No.3: Go to the skate park, learn new tricks on the jumps and go in the bowl and get stuck with your friends or cousins.

No.4: Getting a loom kit and making all different types of bracelets. some of the loom bracelets I made were a fishtail, a triple fishtail and a star bust.  


No 5: Enjoy being with my family, cousins and dog, taking Lenny my dog for  a walk and swim in the creek and spotting lots of Koalas – seeing a mummy one with her joey was cool.

by Rosie.

My Dream Bedroom


My Dream Bedroom

My dream bedroom was done on Build with Chrome with Mia. The double desk was for Mia and I, so that we can do our homework. The inbuilt lights on both sides are for giving more light at the desk. The laptop was for school work and computer games. The beds are the sort of beds Mia and I would want. The bedside table is a design that Mia and I liked. The lamp on top of the bedside table is a crayon design. The drink bottle was for if we got thirsty in the night. The mats were to make the floor more funky. The little boxes were for little items that we would like to keep safe.

By Rosie.

Woodhouse Camp: Free Time

Well a lot of things happend in free time, Brooke got duck poo on her by a flock of ducks that flew by, Elissa went to hospital and both of us fell down a pile of grass just to name a few. On the first day, free time took place near the bunk house and on the second day it took place around the volleyball court. Free time was really fun, because we got to choose from a range of different sports equipment, like soccer balls and Frisbees. Sometimes we would have free time if we had finished eating early, but we didn’t have much time to. During free time we both used cricket stumps as walking sticks and rowing paddles, it was so funny. Now comes Elissa, she went to hospital, because she had something in one eye,  she couldn’t  watch T.V. or read for two days. Now the funny part was Brooke. She got pooed on by a duck flying by. Now us two, we were just walking along when we didn’t realise that a pile of grass was in front of us, and we fell over it. Rosie’s opinon: I think if I had to rate free time I would give it 7 1/2 rubber chickens with a side order of chicks! Bethany’s opinon: I think free time was absolutely fantastic, and I would give it 8 rubber chickens with no side order.

By Rosie and Bethany





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