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Spelling Term 3 Week 7

Red Pandas

Snow Leopards



Made in the Image of God Homework

Don’t forget to bring your Made in the Image of God homework tomorrow (Check your email for a copy of the instructions).

Design and Technology

If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to bring in your items from home that you will need for your marble game this week.

Spelling Term 3 Week 6

Red Pandas

Snow Leopards


Olivia’s Spelling Picture

Olivia's Spelling Picture

Olivia's Spelling Picture


Spelling Term 3 Week 5

Red Pandas

Snow Leopards


Look, Cover, Write and Check

The following link makes up one of your online spelling activities this week. Yes, that’s right it’s the old ‘Look, cover, write and check’. A lot more exciting doing it online.


Look, cover, write and check

Mikki’s spelling poem

The giant cupcake

that was all pink

sat on the plank

to have a drink

By Mikki


Joel’s Spelling Poem

Digging in quarries, I wish I would find mysteries

But some of the mysteries would be luxuries

The luxuries might be old melodies

Or lost lotteries

By Joel


Olivia’s spelling poem.

There was a company

in a country

that grew strawberries,

they were plump and delicious

and very nutritious,

grown by a family

for more than a century,

now thay have a really big factory.

By Olivia


Melanie’s Spelling Poem

I came tenth

she came twelfth.

In the running race.

Next I came first.

Therefore mum said

go forth to the disco.

By Melanie


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