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We are learning to code

We have been learning to code in our class. We have learnt about ‘Algorithms’. An algorithm is a set of instructions that you can follow to complete a task. We had a go at making our own algorithms to create a paper plane. We learnt very quickly that giving someone accurate instructions is really important. You can see our creations below.

SMART Notebook Online

smartnotebookonlineSMART Notebook which is the software we use on the SMART Boards at school is now available to you online. You don’t have to install any software, it works within your browser. It is a basic version and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the version we have at school, but it is very useful for home use or being able to get on any computer linked to the internet and be able to work on your ‘Notebook’ files. I have put a link to SMART Notebook express on the ‘Students’ page, but you can also go straight to it now by clicking on the link below.

Which Browser?

To see our blog as we intended it to look, I recommend the following internet browsers in order of preference.

1. Google Chrome


2. Firefox


3. Opera


4. Safari


Unfortunately Microsoft’s Internet Explorer doesn’t display our blog correctly. Many of the widgets installed in the right hand column near the bottom stretch across the whole screen. I personally use Google’s ‘Chrome’, and am very happy with it. You can import all your settings and bookmarks from Internet explorer if you decide to change.

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